Event Horizon

What is time?

What rhythm has Earth?

Can you see a day?

Can you see a night?

What if day and night merge?

Can you see a year?

What remains if your vision is drowned by time?

What lies beyond the Event Horizon?

Gazing long enough at the north horizon, the sky and the sea become canvasses for time to

unfold through light and dark. On the EVENT HORIZON series, I started to portray the Day

and the Night around the equinoxes and solstices, the four points in a year that mark the

change of the seasons on Earth.

With the lens open, events in front of the camera blend into what might be but a trace of their

essence, revealing the destructive nature of time.


Dominique Ventzke
Im Roten Dudel 91B
15831 Mahlow